Zion History

Zion was founded in 1879 when Lutherans established both a church and a school in downtown Dallas on Live Oak Street near Harwood. The first mission was blessed by the Lord in grand ways. In 1899, the congregation moved to Swiss Avenue. In 1906, new facilities, including a new pipe organ, were built and paid for with great sacrifice by Zion's early members. The school served continuously until 1921 and resumed its ministry in 1948 after World War II when a new building was constructed on Skillman between Marquita and Monticello Streets. A 7.83 acre North Dallas tract of land was purchased and in 1957 the church and school were moved to newly constructed facilities at Skillman and Lovers Lane. Faithful stewardship expanded and improved our school facilities in 1965.

In 1982 our present sanctuary and church offices were completed and dedicated. Expanded childhood ministries occasioned the installation of new modular classrooms for extended educational outreach and yet another step in the incremental growth of Zion’s ever-more-diverse ministries. Over a period of more than 133 years, Zion’s members have used God’s gracious gifts to fund and build her four parish churches and her three school facilities in Dallas. Throughout this time Zion has adapted to respond to many local and global changes without losing the vision and commitment to its Christic mission and ministry. In 2010 and 2011, fourteen rooms were remodeled in the church and school including a new library and a state of the art Computer Lab. A new fellowship area, Trinity Hall, gives the parish gathering space. Electronic signage speaks boldly on the corner of Lovers Lane and Skillman. Refurbishment work on the Sanctuary was completed in the summer of 2012.

Zion intentionally seeks to witness, worship, and educate in Christ’s name with a multifaceted discipline of programs generated by the church and school. Zion affords its members program opportunities for all ages: Sunday School; over 175 worship services per year, with four different choral organizations and varied instrumentalists; nursery during services; social and fellowship events with organizations by age and interest; volunteer services; Bible study groups; seniors and shut-in ministry; an elementary Christian day school including a preschool and kindergarten with Extended Care; parent-teacher organizations, computer and science labs; a band program; school athletics; Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and many other activities.

Zion Lutheran Church provides assistance to the hungry, poor, and needy not just locally but also globally: Pastors and people pursue hospital visitations; evangelism and community outreach remains in the forefront of parish philosophy and practice; special mission and worship ministry trips have been made to Mexico, Cuba, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Israel, and Jordan.

Today, Zion Lutheran Church has more than 1400 baptized as members. Zion Lutheran School has a solid enrollment; this year, Christian education directly reaches out to more than 270 young students from preschool to grade eight.